This month we are featuring the sites with some of the worst graphics out there. Yeah, I know what you are saying, "Eddy, that's like hunting on a baited field!". Well, I never said I was fair did I?

20. Boss Wolf's Den. This is what happens when you use too much clip-art on your site.

19. The Noxious Homesite. The title says it all.

18. Homey Land. Gee, another bit of proof that universities should not give people web space.

17. Welcome to My Little World. Gah! That background needs to die!

16. I've Got You Now. There is another thing that annoys me. I like South Park, but too many people are putting those gol-dang "Got Poofs?" banners up.

15. The Creative Zone. Aaaah! Cuteness overload. Not to mention, I think that background is an animated one. Must die.

14. Welcome to My Little Corner. There are just too many sites out there with that title. Again, this is another cute page, but this one stands out with ... animated animals!

13. Mike's World. I just had to add this one because he used the Windows background.

12. Mr. Superfly. Just look at that wonderful background.

11. Mark's Home Page. Now, this guy has chosen that I'm from outer space theme. One word. Tacky.

10. Brad's Kick (butt) Web Page. Well, he has a disclaimer, but it should be for his graphics instead of words.

9. Jamie's Wierd World. Egads! I do HATE that brick background.

8. THE RAT RACE. One does not need to go far to see the mankage on this page.

7. Hampsch Consulting. Thank God they are not a web design consulting group.

6. Music, Madness and Mayhem. Too ... many .. angels ........

5. Untitled. I'm sorry, I just could not get past the first page.

4. (Yet another) Welcome to My Little World. It's not too bad, but that picture is horrible.

3. Michelle's Little World. You call THAT graphic design?!!?!?!?

2. Welcome to My Little World! (yet again). You know, maybe I should have done the top 20 'Welcome to My Little World's this time.

1. ThE WiErD (butt) PaGe Not Game's Wink Wink. Now this site is manky personified.

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