Surfing the 'Net this month, I have found some sites whose authors must have been sucking great big lemons. I hope that the fact that their sites show up here causes the people even more bitterness.

20. Home of a 500-pound fat hairy woman (NOT our words--Madigan handbags men who are not perfect gentlemen, so we'd call her a 500-pound horizontally enhanced hirsute-beautified wommon). 500 Pound Fat Hairy Woman.

19. The Bitter Militia--bitter and militant. Bitterly Funny

18. A bitter person who hasn't soured the WWW since 96, but has left behind this lemon tree. Rebecca--I bet she hates people who call her Becky....

17. These people pay big money to be bitter. Their own domain name and all....

16. Wronged by the evil MIT... This poor sod.

15. They are so bitter, they decided to cause us all eyestrain with their vanishing logo of death. Church of Misanthropists and Latter Day Aints.

14. Crud. The background must die.

13. Men are are bad...wait a minute! I'm a man! Men Suck

12. Bitterness and egotism go hand in hand.... DALnet bitterness.

11. The chirpiest bitter page on the WWW. Feeling Bitter, are we?

10. One day, they got all the web's bitter people together. They made this page. Bitter Posts

9. Bitter intellectuals. Beware--many of them are sheep. Book of Bitterness (Bob for short)

8. Bitter and funny.... American Newspeak

7. Stop grunting--or I shall DISGRUNTLE you. Disgruntled

6. This guy is bitter, AND on Geocities. Maybe Geocities is the cause of his bitterness. FF's home page

5. Bitter guy with a bitterness quiz. Yet another guy called Jason.

4. A bitter Star Wars geek. SW bitterness.

3. The whole WWW sucks. A guy booted one time too many.

2. As we said--Bitterness and big egos. In this case, bitterness, big ego, small...uh...web design talents. Yeah, that's it. Wait until Madigan sees this one.... (the handbag hovers in the air) Chicks Suck

1. Another bitter intellectual--I don't care what she says--she is not 19, and she is not a college student.... (Well, maybe she is, but she doesn't sound it. Frognuts! The

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