20. Most Uninformative College Website: Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

19. Most Horribly Designed Website: God knows....

18. Most Annoyingly Self-Satisfied Website: RK ARTS

17. Site with Least Content: Why did they pay for a domain name?

16. Site Least Deserving of its Own Domain Name: Pickle

15. Site with the Most Ebonics In It: Da Junk Pit

14. The Least Comprehensible Website: Digital Vernacular

13. The Stupidest Website (duh): Stupid Candy

12. The Reason Why People With Web TV Shouldn't Make Websites: This.

11. The Best Collection of Lame Stuff: Lame Yellow Pages

10. The Most...ah...Out There Website: Chinese Restaurant Name Generator

9. The Longest Time To Load, Wierdest, Wackiest, Best Graphic Design Site: Cathedral of the Hydrogenated Snack Cake

8. The Socially Inept Website of the Millennium: Papa Smurf is a Communist

7. The Poopiest Website: Fartypants

6. The Noisiest Website: Fart

5. The "Do they Realize What this Means in English?" Website: www.hork.com

4. The Most Heinous Domain Name: Sticky Monkey

3. Site With the Most Yo Mamma Jokes: Pimpdaddy

2. Site With the Most Repetitive Domain Name: www.www.com

1. The Sheepiest, Most Annoying All Round Site: Jim Jacobson's Homepage

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