Gallery of Mr. S's most Notorious Disguises

This is NOT a clown

This here may LOOK like a harmless, silly, roving clown. But beware--DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS PLAY WITH THIS CLOWN! He is really Mr. S, and will cause severe Clown Phobia.

This is NOT a babe

This may look like a gorgeous babe--I know it does to me--but it is really Mr. S. in one of his infamous disguises. He will seduce you and then leave you at the altar, with only a pouffy cling in your backyard to remind you of his depredations.

This is NOT a magician

Do NOT give your rabbits to this magician--it is NOT a magician--it is the notoriously carnivorous Mr. S, and he may eat your bunny.

This is NOT me

Because of this picture, I had to shave my mustache!!!! If you confront this handsome fellow, BEWARE! It is not me--it is the vile and lecherous Mr. S, and if you talk to him, he will burst your eardrums with an express-train volume squeak. Then, he'll bite your thumb and make a pouffy cling out of your favourite sweater.

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