In my explorations of the web, occasionally I find a domain name that just should not exist, or has nothing to do with the content of the page. This month, I've decided to collect the best of the worst for you. You may follow the links if you dare. I take no responsibility for what may happen.

20. It has a car on

19. Well, I guess he wasn't smart enough to put UP a web

18. Well, too much cocaine will do that to

17. Get your own business kiosk .. but with a domain name like this, you better watch out for the

16. The web design for this went down the

15. It snot up

14. Well, you are goin' to hell if you type this

13. I know the bible said not to take his name in vain, but what does it say if you take it for a domain?

12. Imagine how this one looks on a business

11. No

10. Sound like something Mr. S would

9. I don't want to

8. Some game with blood in it. I know, original ain't

7. Does the name describe their designs?

6. They are scared to put anything up.

5. How true it

4. So that's how they get that salty

3. Make the bad man stop!!

2. Do we really need a web site for this!?!?!?!

1. Is Pringle's trying to tell us something?

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