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Welcome to the Edsil Tarkingham Hunka Hunka Burnin' Web Site, and the obligatory thanks for visiting us. We here are proud to show you around some of the stranger, dumber, and downright sillier parts of the World Wierd Web. Just follow our wild, crazy hyperlinks (below) to go to any of our wonderful pages.

We cover everything from ugly pages, to personal pages, to ugly personal pages, to...well, you get the drift.... In addition, we even have our own awards!!!!!!! (All right, so I get a little carried away with the punctuation once in a while.) Our research and design team are dedicated to bringing you the best of the worst, so drop by their page, and check out their bios and glamour shots.


We here have been working day and night to bring you new and exciting pages; also, we've been working on plans for expanding the Edsil world. Our tireless creative efforts have yielded the following NEW pages.

1. The official 'fake' Edsil Warez page--"w@r3z doodz", eat your hearts out.

2. Visit our new links page. You might even find someone dorkier than me! (Yeah, right).

3. A page featuring the sites that will bring about the end of the civilized world as we know it. (Or, as Madigan Henrietta Hoogenboom knew it, anyway...see our D-Team page for explanation)....

4. Sheep News of the Week--See this page for sheep news of the world for this week!

We hope you enjoy your stay here and remember, keep coming back. If you have any ideas that you think we should try, or pages you would like to see on this site, just e-mail us with your suggestions.

Well, swat my hind with a melon rind! If you have been visiting these past few days, you may have noticed some spelling and HTML errors. I'm never one to pass the blame, but it was really not my fault. You see, Madigan had lost her glasses, and being the nice sweet and gentle lady she is WOAH!! OW!! (sounds of a handbag hitting human flesh fill the room and an old female voice laughing drown out the rest of the paragraph).


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