Well, surfing around this here web, I have found some sights that make me say, "You are a sad strange little person". Some sights just defy explanation and I decided to feature these sights here.

20. Kuehn@wolnet.de's Sites. Well, all right, these sites are not so strange, but he submitted for an award and I liked them so, I thought that he should at least get some recognition.

19. ECL - Selected list of 'goofy' Web sites. all right, so this is a bit lazy, but it does have a plethora of wacky links for you to enjoy.

18. The Center for the Easily Amused. Okay, so this is another cop-out. I just want to try and give you all the widest range of strange out there though.

17. Bizarre. Finally, strangeness sent right to your door. I'm a faithful follower.

16. Inflate123's wacky world of inflatable fetishism. This site has a 'Mature' rating, but I must admit that the scariest thing is, this person seems serious.

15. Joshman's Galaxy of Wacky Fun. Anyone who openly admits to being a Disney Trivia God needs to be on this list.

14. Wacky Patent of the Month. I like this site because it makes my ideas seem so much better.

13. The Very Silly Webloid. After you've read them in the supermarket, you can go online and get more news that is fit to ... well ... er, download?

12. Bruce's Pants. The title says it all.

11. The Gallery of the Absurd. You have got to check this out.

10. mikey's senceless web page. This guy has an intro to his site. Now that is strange.

9. This is my web page..... Sure, whatever.

8. Stick Figure Death Theatre. Disclaimer: No stick figures were actually harmed during the filming of these movies.

7. David's Hairless Rat Home Page. Could he be holding the famous Mr. S?

6. Home Page Your guess is as good as mine.

5. Dov's RipRoarin' Crazy MonkeyHouse. His background still gives me nightmares.

4. The Stinky Artists' Collective. Just one look and all your questions will be answered.

3. That Freak Just Noogied Me!! Any site that has thwe word 'noogie' on it deserves to be on this list.

2. Making Fun of Plato and Socrates. Who knew bodily functions could be so fun?

1. Superbad. If anyone could please tell me just what in the heck this site is supposed to be, please e-mail me.

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