Well, it can be said that many of the bad sites on the web are gien to us by Geocities. This month, I have decided to showcase 20 of them. I hope that you enjoy them. If you think that I have missed any of them, e-mail me the url and I will showcase them at another time.

20. Home of a silly comic. Some rats.

19. This person had way too much time on their hands. The Hamster Planet

18. A personal favorite. Bubba's Bonanza of Brainless Bandwidth Brouhaha.

17. Aww, to heck with Photoshop. This guy just used some crayons. Stride's Home Page.

16. No wonder they are free. Although I think that they are still not worth the price. Noble House Free Graphics.

15. Why waste the time to sign up if all you are going to put up is this? Jeff's mail.

14. It's okay to love your rats, but it is not okay to looooooooove your rats. Scamprat's Home Page

13. Click on the "yes" button for a cute picture. Speedy J's Home Page. Just watch your soap.

12. I bet this person's parents are proud. Lalaland?

11. This is the reason that lions eat their young. Nick's Home Page.

10. Read this guy's 'I need a girlfriend' link. A bit desperate, don't you think? Some guy who needs a girlfriend.

9. Finally, a girl with some taste ... maybe. cwork/nasty's Home Page

8. Now this is what I call web design! My Uglyest HommmPaggeee!!!!!

7. Cuteness overload! Kat's Korner

6. I think some of these people are family. Stupid People Home Page.

5. I think that at least one of these guys are in my family as well. They have great hair. Losers of the Century.

4. This is truly a landmark in manky home pages. Manky Home Page.

3. Now this guy needs a life. Maybe we could set him up with Jean Pierre? Dreamyguy's Home Page

2. Check out this guy's picture. What a nose! Matt Aznoe's Home Page.

1. Now this is web design at it's greatest! Frognuts!

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