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The Edsil Tarkingham World Wide Web Awards

Disclaimer: These awards are purely subjective--ie--you must have a sensahuma to appreciate them fully. If you do not have a sensahuma, you probably won't get one anyway, so this disclaimer is probably completely unnecessary. If you do not know what a sensahuma is, we'll send the men in white coats right on over. Believe me, you'll be needing them.

In the past few months, we have been getting some really good submissions ... BUT we have also been getting some downright way out there submissions. If you are looking to collect awards, don't submit your site here. If you have a personal web page that you just want to decorate with all different types of awards, go away! We want silly and outrageous web sites. We want schmeg! We look for humor/stupidity/uselessness/etc. Not "Hey, this is a cool place for teens to hang out" sites.

Remember, just because you nominated (or are nominated) for an award does not mean you will get that award. You might be better fitted for on of the other awards. And please, if you do not like your award, it is not a personal attack on you or your site. A KIND INTELLIGENT e-mail to us will remedy the problem.

Now that's out of the way, on with the fun!



Just like Me...awwwwww

This award goes out to the worst designed, silliest, uselessest, gooniest, frame-heaviest, fargin annoyingest sites on the whole WWW. Also, the site must possess the spirit of looking at things in a funny ways and pointing them out. Basically, it goes out to sites that look (and feel) a lot like mine.

Mr. S's Indescribable

This award is for those completely indescribable sites out there on the Web. You know what I mean. If you see a site that is just so bad, you are struck silent, then this is the award for that site.

Sheep of the Month

This award goes out to annoying websites (see the Edsil Tarkingham Definition of a Sheep page at SHEEP.html

Pouffy Cling

For that infuriating website that just WON'T GO AWAY!

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