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Edsil Tarkingham's Ever Growing Dork Gallery (Submit your Own Dorks by clicking the Mail button at the bottom of your screen, and sending a photo of your dork as an attachment!)

Pictures of our design team do not count. They are not dorks. They are socially challenged.

Bjorn Hargenssenn

Name: Bjorn Hargenssenn
Age: 25
Occupation: Commodore 64, Amiga, and Atari Systems Analyst

Augustus Zipperman

Name: Augustus Zipperman
Age: 35
Occupation: He was once our PR man, but we got tired of having all our browsers default pages set to porno sites and finding our keyboards a bit ... sticky. So we fired him.

Nader Burgenstein-Schmidt

Name: Nader Burgenstein-Schmidt
Age: 97
Occupation: Florist
Note: Someone sent this picture in of Jean Pierre and his friend Nader. We must admit, for a great hairsdresser, Jean has some dorky friends.


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