In my opinion, Rome would have fallen much earlier if it had the Internet. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the net. I spend countless hours just surfing around and looking at all the wonderful and wierd things on it. But, one downfall to the net is, ANYTHING can be put on it. Heck, even a guy like me can put something on the Net. Now THAT is scary.

But I digress. Sometimes, I run across a site that I just cannot believe exists. Oddly enough, there is at least some popularity to the sight as well. And, it is a rather serious site as well. With some of these sites out there, I now know that the end can not be far behind.

The purpose of this page will be to point out all those rather frightening sites. I'd love to give these sites some awards, (and believe me, some deserve them), but I'm afraid that the Web Masters would hunt me down and kill me in various ways. Not to mention, the sites take themselves too seriously and would not appreciate my sensahuma. But, that does not mean they are safe from me! MUHUHAHA!

If you find a sight that you believe is contributing to the end of our civilization, e-mail me the URL and I promise to post it here. I'll update this page whenever I find one of these sites, so keep coming back!

Without further ado ...

When this guy gets his own web site AND people like it, we are all doomed.

Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick! When we start getting fake nards for our dogs, there really is no hope for us. Although, I am considering getting some of their sporty clothes.

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