This here is our link page. It mat be kinda small right now, but soon we should be picking up more and more links. If you think that we should link to your page, send us the URL in an e-mail and we will look at it. If your page is Edsil-worthy, we will e-mail you back telling you that the link is up. All we ask in return, is a link to us on your page. We hope you enjoy the links.

If you are looking for more useless and silly pages, we suggest that you check out the Stupidzone. Go to their yellow pages to see the pages of doom. Also, they have a bunch of ..ah.. interesting things on their mainpage.

A friend of mine has begun his own web site on Geocities. He is a bit raunchier than us, but we still enjoy his page. He's been having some problems with it, but it should be going strong in a few days. If only for morbid curiosity, go visit Bubba's Bonanza of Brainless Bandwidth Brouhaha!

For some more info on Mr.S, go to Mr. S. World. See his daily comic and see what the RAT is up to.

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