This here's completely indescribable


Disclaimer: Looking at the picture of this rat may cause severe mental and emotional suffering, as well as eye damage and embarrassing shrinkage. To give you an idea of this rat's evil powers--MY HAIR WAS NORMAL UNTIL I LOOKED AT THIS RAT!!!

Who Is Mr. S.?
The most comprehensive Mr. S. resource I've found on the web to date is here: Area51/Labyrinth/5224/index.html". This guy knows WAY more about the S-meister than I do, and even has some historic pictures. But, for now, here's what I know.
Mr. S. is the world's only proven instance of an IMMORTAL BEING. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and he makes one MEAN pouffy cling. (He makes his clings out of water and newspaper, chewed into papier mache, if you were interested in making your own residential-type cling.) Mr. S. is everywhere--you'd best watch out, or he'll make a cling in your back yard.

What Has He Done To Make Himself So Loathable?
Think of a horrible, heinous event, in your life, or in history. Got one? All right. It was his fault.

Where Does He Live?
He moves around a lot, so that pinpointing his exact location at any given time is nearly impossible. But he's out there....

Why Is His Name Mr. S.?
There are a lot of mean words starting with S. People like to use them in connection with this rat. His real name is Mr. Shavy, because he has little to no hair--but beware. He is a master of disguise, and may be wearing a wig.

Got any questions about Mr. S? Or any information which may lead to his capture?
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