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The Edsil Tarkingham World Wide Web Awards

Disclaimer: These awards are purely subjective--ie--you must have a sensahuma to appreciate them fully. If you do not have a sensahuma, you probably won't get one anyway, so this disclaimer is probably completely unnecessary. If you do not know what a sensahuma is, we'll send the men in white coats right on over. Believe me, you'll be needing them.

August 1998

Just Like Me: NexusBBS Online. I like this site. It does remind me of me.

Sheep of the Month: More than you ever wanted to know.... And he was RIGHT!!!

But due to a lack of 'sensahuma' (and a flame letter), we decided to change the winner to: SanderDan's Home Page. Thanks for having a world class 'sensahuma' SanderDan! It's people like you that make this site worth it.

Pouffy Cling: Trust No One. If ever a site was a pouffy cling, this one is.

Mr. S's Completely Indescribable Site: Freaks and Wierdness. Truly a strange and indesribable site!

July 1998


June 1998

Just Like Me: Capital of Nasty Stuff. This place has some great nasty site to check out ... hey, waitaminute! I'm on that list!

Sheep of the Month: Sheep and Wooly Resources. The title says it all.

Pouffy Cling: Dick Grogans Link o Rama! Mr. Grogan has become THE master of making websites that just won't go away. Well, they won't if they are on any server BUT Angelfire that is.

Mr. S's Completely Indescribable Site: Ellen's Page. Now this here site is COMPLETELY Indescribable. I was struck speechless.

MAY 1998

Just Like Me: Vulgarville

Sheep of the Month: My Life Sucks

Pouffy Cling: Virtual Greetings

Mr. S's Completely Indescribable Site: Scary Squirrel World

APRIL 1998

Just Like Me: Bud Ugly Web Designs!

Sheep of the Month: Dorkboy. But, I do envy his pocket protector.

Pouffy Cling: The THROOM.

Mr. S's Completely Indescribable Site: Herman's Heaven. The official Site of the BLO.

MARCH 1998

Just Like Me: Crap Pictures

Sheep of the Month: DyeHead's Page

Pouffy Cling: Home of RC Comics

Mr. S's Completely Indescribable Site: What Fred Ate


Just Like Me: The Stupid Zone

Sheep of the Month: Shaun's HP

Pouffy Cling: Jim Jacobson's Home Page

Mr. S's Completely Indescribable Site: Breeze Net Beware of the killer music. Note: I am sorry to say that the best part of this page does not work anymore, but it is still good to see. If you want to see something that resembles what it used to be type in the URL=http://members.aol.com/sweeping/a/f.html

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